Best Times

Times updated 17.4.2006 at 19:26:49. New times in bold.

Single player times:

No.Level NameBest TimeDriver
1.IFLP01 Down The Path by Behk
0:09,19ANpDaD [GF]
2.IFLP02 Gas Button Allowed zebra
0:31,17ANpDaD [GF]
3.IFLP03 Dump ride by jonsta
0:22,87ANpDaD [GF]
4.IFLP04 Fastlane by zebra
0:34,16John [WNO]
5.IFLP05 Around by Behk
0:18,82ANpDaD [GF]
6.IFLP06 Good Luck Kuski by zebra
0:38,10John [WNO]
7.IFLP07 Triangle tricks by jonsta
0:16,17infected [COS]
8.IFLP08 Immaculate by jonsta
0:20,58ANpDaD [GF]
9.IFLP09 Mighty Horror by Behk
0:27,67ANpDaD [GF]
10.IFLP10 Cross Hanger by Behk
0:11,81ANpDaD [GF]
11.IFLP11 It is up to you by zebra
0:39,26ANpDaD [GF]
12.IFLP12 Dumb killer by jonsta
0:28,87ANpDaD [GF]
13.IFLP13 Head spin by jonsta
0:17,76ANpDaD [GF]
14.IFLP14 Cruising around by zebra
0:42,37ANpDaD [GF]
15.IFLP15 Not so flat track by zebra
0:43,87John [WNO]
16.IFLP16 Mushroom path A by jonsta
0:30,32ANpDaD [GF]
17.IFLP17 Hanging Life by Behk
0:23,44ANpDaD [GF]
18.IFLP18 Massive stone by jonsta
0:17,87ANpDaD [GF]
19.IFLP19 Vice by zebra
0:52,20ANpDaD [GF]
20.IFLP20 Versa by zebra
0:44,19ANpDaD [GF]
21.IFLP21 Silent Tricks by Behk
1:31,66ANpDaD [GF]
22.IFLP22 Mushroom path B by jonsta
0:38,79ANpDaD [GF]
23.IFLP23 Pointy Manager by Behk
0:14,41ANpDaD [GF]
24.IFLP24 Stickz and Needles by Behk
0:22,38John [WNO]
25.IFLP25 Damn Flower by jonsta
0:11,43axxu [AC]
26.IFLP26 Opportunities by zebra
0:21,82xp [WNO]
27.IFLP27 Elastic Development zebra
0:36,13ANpDaD [GF]
28.IFLP28 FreeRider by Behk
0:20,55John [WNO]
29.IFLP29 Maxi rasto by jonsta
0:48,84ANpDaD [GF]
30.IFLP30 Keyboard Test by zebra
0:47,53ANpDaD [GF]
31.IFLP31 What Way by Behk
0:31,73ANpDaD [GF]
32.IFLP32 Brake or Die by zebra
0:56,96ANpDaD [GF]
33.IFLP33 Slot E by zebra
0:51,53ANpDaD [GF]
34.IFLP34 Internal Driving by Behk
0:33,89John [WNO]
35.IFLP35 Mushroom path C by jonsta
0:15,31ANpDaD [GF]
36.IFLP36 Digging Ways by Behk
0:27,88ANpDaD [GF]
37.IFLP37 Tiny entry by jonsta
0:13,87xp [WNO]
38.IFLP38 Science by zebra
0:46,12ANpDaD [GF]
39.IFLP39 Suffering Bike by Behk
0:17,46John [WNO]
40.IFLP40 Brain toaster by jonsta
0:21,03ANpDaD [GF]
41.IFLP41 Karkahaus by Behk
0:38,88xp [WNO]
42.IFLP42 TallY Ho by jonsta
0:37,19ANpDaD [GF]
43.IFLP43 Triangle Hunt by jonsta
0:33,80John [WNO]
44.IFLP44 Delicious Flower by Behk
0:41,10ANpDaD [GF]
45.IFLP45 Reborned by Behk
0:22,88ANpDaD [GF]
46.IFLP46 Caves n tunnels by jonsta
0:39,13ANpDaD [GF]
47.IFLP47 Suspense b0x by jonsta
0:29,25juish [J-U.nit]
48.IFLP48 Where is the flower zebra
1:53,70ANpDaD [GF]
49.IFLP49 Enter The Killers by Behk
0:49,78ANpDaD [GF]
50.IFLP50 Einsteins Favourite by zebra
0:26,03axxu [AC]
51.IFLP51 New World by Behk
0:20,90ANpDaD [GF]
52.IFLP52 Gakaloogus by jonsta
0:19,55xp [WNO]
53.IFLP53 Long Journey by zebra
2:52,21psy [.]
54.IFLP54 Chain Reaction by zebra
1:06,35ANpDaD [GF]
55.IFLP55 Chain Lev by TAP Members
1:06,48ANpDaD [GF]
Total: 33:37,24

Total times

Pos.PlayerTotal TimeLevels finished
1.ANpDaD [GF] 33:59,41all
2.John [WNO] 34:31,61all
3.axxu [AC] 35:39,13all
4.xp [WNO] 36:26,46all
5.infected [COS] 40:48,60all
6.Rex [TLR] 55:41,39all
7.Jonkka [LaMe] 7:36:29,2810
8.juish [J-U.nit] 7:38:20,9310
9.devan 8:22:20,705
10.SIMON 8:23:12,275
11.cyre 9:00:14,851
12.Cubein [TAH] 9:00:16,531
13.exezic [EGL] 9:00:19,281
14.Juzam [WNO] 9:00:24,991
15.psy [.] 9:02:52,211

Team total times:

Pos.TeamTotal TimeLevels finished
1.GF 33:59,41all
2.WNO 34:20,47all
3.AC 35:39,13all
4.COS 40:48,60all
5.TLR 55:41,39all
6.LaMe 7:36:29,2810
7.J-U.nit 7:38:20,9310
8.TAH 9:00:16,531
9.EGL 9:00:19,281
10.. 9:02:52,211

Extra statistics:

Shortest level was IFLP01 Down The Path by Behk with winning time 0:09,19
Longest level was IFLP53 Long Journey by zebra with winning time 2:52,21
Average winning time was 0:36,68

Amount of best times of players:

Pos.PlayerBest times
1.ANpDaD [GF] 38
2.John [WNO] 8
3.xp [WNO] 4
4.axxu [AC] 2
5.infected [COS] 1
6.juish [J-U.nit] 1
7.psy [.] 1
8.Rex [TLR] 0
9.devan 0
10.SIMON 0
11.cyre 0
12.Cubein [TAH] 0
13.exezic [EGL] 0
14.Juzam [WNO] 0
15.Jonkka [LaMe] 0

Amount of best times of teams:

Pos.TeamBest times
1.GF 38
2.WNO 12
3.AC 2
4.COS 1
5.J-U.nit 1
6.. 1
7.TLR 0
8.TAH 0
9.EGL 0
10.LaMe 0

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