Best Times

Times updated 24.9.2009 at 22:40:42. New times in bold.

Single player times:

No.Level Name  Best TimeDriver
1.OYLP01 I designer by zebra
0:39,84Zox [MAN]
2.OYLP02 Half Pipe Classic by jonsta
0:19,20Xiphias [NK]
3.OYLP03 Frivolous by Ramone
0:59,65Red [AC]
4.OYLP04 DMT by Jappe2
0:39,76Tm [TEM]
5.OYLP05 Dropped by umiz
0:26,54Xiphias [NK]
6.OYLP06 Press Enter by Ramone
1:21,90Xiphias [NK]
7.OYLP07 Shallots by jonsta
0:50,59Red [AC]
8.OYLP08 Touch the Sky by Ramone
0:33,49Red [AC]
9.OYLP09 Stretch Canon by Ramone
0:42,85Xiphias [NK]
10.OYLP10 Tricks in disguise by zebra
11.OYLP11 3 Ways Down by Ramone
0:39,93Zox [MAN]
12.OYLP12 I hate grafittig by umiz
0:57,44Red [AC]
13.OYLP13 Mescaline by Jappe2
0:51,48Xiphias [NK]
14.OYLP14 Ride to 1984 by Ramone
1:10,46Red [AC]
15.OYLP15 Solar Sky by zebra
0:34,41Red [AC]
16.OYLP16 One Polygon by Ramone
0:51,80Lukazz [EF]
17.OYLP17 Money I need em by umiz
0:19,16talli [EPO]
18.OYLP18 I dont eat toenails by umiz
1:14,59BoneLESS [HHIT]
19.OYLP19 Uppercut by Ramone
1:18,05Red [AC]
20.OYLP20 Northern Lights by Jappe2
1:47,61Red [AC]
21.OYLP21 No Surprise by Ramone
2:17,62Red [AC]
22.OYLP22 Low Jump by Ramone
0:57,33Red [AC]
23.OYLP23 Brizi by zebra
0:22,64talli [EPO]
24.OYLP24 Glass World by zebra
0:36,24VT [EA]
25.OYLP25 Pipelove by Ramone
26.OYLP26 Walk on air by zebra
0:50,22Xiphias [NK]
27.OYLP27 Loyal by Ramone & BarTek
28.OYLP28 Gravity IQ Test by zebra
0:52,79Red [AC]
29.OYLP29 Goose Neck by jonsta
0:15,36Lukazz [EF]
30.OYLP30 One Million Styles by zebra
2:05,39BoneLESS [HHIT]
Total: 27:44,29

Total times

Pos.PlayerTotal TimeLevels finished
1.Red [AC] 28:39,75all
2.Lukazz [EF] 29:30,45all
3.BoneLESS [HHIT] 29:52,12all
4.talli [EPO] 29:57,61all
5.Rasken [BALL] 33:49,40all
6.VT [EA] 35:07,18all
7.dorT [DS] 36:22,03all
8.insane guy [LaME] 42:57,44all
9.Binder [KFC] 58:54,4928
10.Thunder [LET] 1:30:02,7624
11.Zox [MAN] 1:50:31,5821
12.error 1:51:00,3321
13.adi [EF] 2:00:59,7820
14.Xiphias [NK] 2:33:27,7116
15.Zweq [WNO] 2:51:56,0114
16.Quantz [Quack] 3:40:59,279
17.Coc0k [27] 4:22:51,404
18.BarTek 4:24:44,224
19.Tm [TEM] 4:32:15,173
20.ap 4:33:01,723
21.welle 4:50:15,371
22.NaDiRu [IQ] 4:50:40,051

Team total times:

Pos.TeamTotal TimeLevels finished
1.AC 28:39,75all
2.EF 29:19,61all
3.HHIT 29:52,12all
4.EPO 29:57,61all
5.BALL 33:49,40all
6.EA 35:07,18all
7.DS 36:22,03all
8.LaME 42:57,44all
9.KFC 58:54,4928
10.LET 1:30:02,7624
11.MAN 1:50:31,5821
12.NK 2:33:27,7116
13.WNO 2:51:56,0114
14.Quack 3:40:59,279
15.27 4:22:51,404
16.TEM 4:32:15,173
17.IQ 4:50:40,051

Extra statistics:

Shortest level was OYLP29 Goose Neck by jonsta with winning time 0:15,36
Longest level was OYLP21 No Surprise by Ramone with winning time 2:17,62
Average winning time was 0:55,48

Amount of best times of players:

Pos.PlayerBest times
1.Red [AC] 11
2.Xiphias [NK] 6
3.BoneLESS [HHIT] 2
4.talli [EPO] 2
5.Zox [MAN] 2
6.Lukazz [EF] 2
7.error 1
8.VT [EA] 1
9.BarTek 1
10.Tm [TEM] 1
11.ap 1
12.Thunder [LET] 0
13.Rasken [BALL] 0
14.dorT [DS] 0
15.adi [EF] 0
16.insane guy [LaME] 0
17.Zweq [WNO] 0
18.Quantz [Quack] 0
19.Coc0k [27] 0
20.Binder [KFC] 0
21.welle 0
22.NaDiRu [IQ] 0

Amount of best times of teams:

Pos.TeamBest times
1.AC 11
2.NK 6
3.HHIT 2
4.EPO 2
5.MAN 2
6.EF 2
7.EA 1
8.TEM 1
9.BALL 0
10.DS 0
11.WNO 0
12.Quack 0
13.27 0
14.LaME 0
15.KFC 0
16.LET 0
17.IQ 0

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