Best Times

Times updated 2.10.2008 at 20:31:58. New times in bold.

Single player times:

No.Level Name  Best TimeDriver
1.OYLP01 I designer by zebra
0:41,04Coc0k [27]
2.OYLP02 Half Pipe Classic by jonsta
3.OYLP03 Frivolous by Ramone
1:08,43Lukazz [EF]
4.OYLP04 DMT by Jappe2
0:39,76Tm [TEM]
5.OYLP05 Dropped by umiz
6.OYLP06 Press Enter by Ramone
7.OYLP07 Shallots by jonsta
8.OYLP08 Touch the Sky by Ramone
9.OYLP09 Stretch Canon by Ramone
10.OYLP10 Tricks in disguise by zebra
11.OYLP11 3 Ways Down by Ramone
0:40,94Tm [TEM]
12.OYLP12 I hate grafittig by umiz
13.OYLP13 Mescaline by Jappe2
14.OYLP14 Ride to 1984 by Ramone
15.OYLP15 Solar Sky by zebra
16.OYLP16 One Polygon by Ramone
17.OYLP17 Money I need em by umiz
0:21,35Coc0k [27]
18.OYLP18 I dont eat toenails by umiz
19.OYLP19 Uppercut by Ramone
20.OYLP20 Northern Lights by Jappe2
21.OYLP21 No Surprise by Ramone
22.OYLP22 Low Jump by Ramone
23.OYLP23 Brizi by zebra
24.OYLP24 Glass World by zebra
25.OYLP25 Pipelove by Ramone
26.OYLP26 Walk on air by zebra
27.OYLP27 Loyal by Ramone & BarTek
28.OYLP28 Gravity IQ Test by zebra
29.OYLP29 Goose Neck by jonsta
30.OYLP30 One Million Styles by zebra
Total: 3:46,96

Total times

Pos.PlayerTotal TimeLevels finished
1.Lukazz [EF] 4:32:09,063
2.Coc0k [27] 4:41:02,392
3.Tm [TEM] 4:41:20,702
4.welle 4:50:15,441

Team total times:

Pos.TeamTotal TimeLevels finished
1.EF 4:32:09,063
2.27 4:41:02,392
3.TEM 4:41:20,702

Extra statistics:

Shortest level was OYLP29 Goose Neck by jonsta with winning time 0:15,44
Longest level was OYLP03 Frivolous by Ramone with winning time 1:08,43
Average winning time was 0:37,83

Amount of best times of players:

Pos.PlayerBest times
1.Coc0k [27] 2
2.Tm [TEM] 2
3.Lukazz [EF] 1
4.welle 1

Amount of best times of teams:

Pos.TeamBest times
1.27 2
2.TEM 2
3.EF 1

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