Welcome to Elma Riddle. To solve this riddle, you have to struggle through 15 different kinds of levels and use your elma knowledge. This is not an ordinary elma competition - you don't have to höyl any levels. Instead, some basic knowledge of elma scene and elma itself are needed.

First, remember these general rules:

The best place to ask for help is in IRCnet on channel #elmariddle or #across. You can find me with nick 'harrii' or 'zebraTAP'. If the channels appears to be inactive or if you can't use irc, try mopolauta. I will also gather a list of ppl who have solved the elma riddle (don't worry, you'll get instructions how to get there). See the list at the bottom of this page.

To get the levels, you have to know the password of that lev. The password gives you the url of the next level in the following way:


Just replace the xxxx with a password and yy with the level number. For example, if the password of the first level were 'across', then the url would be 'http://koti.mbnet.fi/zebra/across/ER01.lev'. All the passwords have to be written in lowercase letters without spaces. As said before, don't try to hack to mbnet server. If you find a way to access the levels directly, please let me know instantly. If the level file opens as text (it does at least in firefox), just press file->save as and it should work.

The riddle becomes more and more difficult until the end. Each riddle is different from others. If some riddle is too hard, you can ask someone who has been longer around in the elma scene. Teamwork is also allowed. But now, let's get to the first part of the riddle. Good luck!

The first riddle

Do you know who is this guy in the pic?

To make this first riddle little easier, I give you some more hints. Ok, no more hints anymore, go and download the first lev!

Elma Riddle Hall Of Fame

PosKuski (and rec)Date of completion
1.Jappe2 [TAP]10.9.2007
2.Xiphias [WAW]11.9.2007
3.8-ball [GF]11.9.2007
7.Zweq [WNO]11.9.2007
8.Zworqy [MK]11.9.2007
10.tijsjoris [MK]11.9.2007
11.Fluff [AC]11.9.2007
12.Quantz [Quack]12.9.2007
13.DaFred [APoKu]12.9.2007
14.Palme [APoKu]12.9.2007
15.A.K.B. [EA]13.9.2007
17.Mawane [TR]29.3.2009
18.Ville J10.7.2011
21.Lousku (in recsource)28.4.2016
Note: some of the recs need the new version of belma which allows over 5 minute replays. My rec here too (I solved the riddle myself too :))

This riddle has been made by zebra [TAP] in September 2007. (release date: 10.9.2007) It's been inspired by notpron (but doesn't even try to be so hard).