Note: these rules are for the old mopobattles played on #battle. See the new rules from the first post of this mopolauta topic.
Rules shortly: 
  • register: nick [team] (nat)
  • registeration is mandatory and needs to be made only once
  • send in your own levels
  • pipes not allowed
  • level designer not allowed to play
  • battle time is always 30mins
  • upload your replay in 15mins after battle ended, use vk or skintatious for example
  • upload your replay on channel #mopobattle, not in private
  • one level ban coming if not upload
  • file name format: Baxxxyyy.rec where xxx is the event number and yyy your nick
  • tell your times on channel (#mopobattle), only write the time, nothing else in same line
Mopobattle Rules 

Please read these rules carefully!

First of all, I need your levels to play in mopobattles. Please make levels and send them to zebra@mbnet.fi and I'll pick the best ones from those. Don't be disappointed if I don't choose any of your levels, because I will keep the right to decide the levels. And don't flood me with your levels. You are only allowed to send only one level at a time and only one mail in a week. And try to put some effort in your levels.

Note: Pipe levels are not allowed. This is due to the old MGen's stats program which doesn't handle pipe battles. This can be a tough hit for all the pipedrivers, but don't try to complain - I won't arrange pipe battles, #battle is already full of them. Note that I don't have anything against pipes, I love them, but this is the way it has to be.

I won't play battle myself if it's my own lev, but I think it's ok if I participate in someone other's lev (i won't be höyling them in advance). Battleing your own level is always suspicious, and I have to deny that.

Battle time will be usually 30 minutes. So try to design your lev so that it can be driven nicely in 30 minutes.

After battle you have 15 minutes to send your rec. You have to upload the rec with the time you said while battling (or better time if you overwrote your rec with better rec). We don't accept times after the bot has said 'stop'. You can upload your rec for example to http://up.k10x.net/ and write it to channel #mopobattle (NOT in private), like this:

zebraTAP> http://vk0.dk/vkprivupload/weluqaou/Ba069zeb.rec

Do NOT send it via dcc or by e-mail. In case if you really can't upload, then try dcc or e-mail (zebra@mbnet.fi). In that case remember to inform me of that. Note that if you participate in battle but don't send your rec, you will be disqualified from current mopobattle and banned from next mopobattle. Do not zip your rec.

Recs should be named as Baxxxyyy.rec, where xxx is the battle number and yyy the 3 first letters of your nick. For example Ba069zeb.rec. The winner is supposed to upload his rec instantly after the battle is over (other players too).

We will use cyre's bot in mopobattles. It will paste the results right after the battle. But remember still to upload your rec with the time you got in the battle. If you already overwrited the rec with better rec, you are allowed to upload the better rec too. The bot is only a timer, it doesn't make the results. After battle I'll use my program mergestats to create results. We will battle in ircnet at channel #mopobattle. And if you misbehave, you'll be kicked or banned from there, so try to remember to behave. Also no bug times allowed etc.

We have now also a registeration system, and EVERYONE has to register. The registeration is easy and have to be made only once. Register yourself after mopobattle by saying: (for example)

zebraTAP> register: zebra [TAP] (FIN)

Remember the ':' and correct brackets. If you don't have a team, you can omit it, that is, you can say only 'zebra (FIN)'. If you don't register, you will be disqualified unless you have a good reason (netsplit etc). If you want to change your team/nick/nationality, just register again. Note that you have to register right after mopobattle, because I won't be there idling all the time.

Note that you should use the same nick always. For example if you register nick 'zebraTAP' and then next time you come with nick 'zebrazzz' or something you are no longer registered. In that case you have to change your nick or register the new nick. It's ok to register many irc nicks to same mopobattle nick, like this:

zebraTAP> register: zebra [TAP] (FIN)
zebrazzz> register: zebra [TAP] (FIN)

Changing team is just as easy: just re-register with your new team. Note also the naming of the recs. In mopobattle 69 there was a name conflict with Karlis and Karezz (Ba069kar.rec). So if you notice there is a possibility to name conflict, discuss with each other and agree how you name your recs.